This is going to be short and sweet because I have to make a presentation for my media and politics class tomorrow and I haven’t even decided on the topic yet. (flip-flopping between Wikileaks, blasphemy law, and repeal of the horrid Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy)

Today, my teacher was discussing domestic violence with us. A student brought up the fact that in many cases, domestic violence is caused by misinterpretation of holy text. At this point, my teacher who has a beard, is very religious, and teaches his kid Quranic ayats on the way to school in the morning(making me appreciate my parents, who put me in their lap letting me sleep, or in the backseat for all 15-20 minutes) had this to day;

Student: So we should create awareness of proper Sharia teachings on spousal relationships and the rights of women according to Sharia…

Asshole: Beta, let me tell you something, if women were allowed Sharia rights, they would get totally out of control. (Then upon being probed) It would upset the balance of society, and cause damage. (I loudly proclaimed that “Mard ko nuksaan pahauchega aur kaun”)

Anyway, take that however you want, I’m off to research. Dum dum du dum.

  1. Ugly Shoelace says:

    Er, *speechless*

    • Ghausia says:

      Yep. Precisely our reaction. UGH this blasphemy presentation is so hard the statements by the ‘Muslims’ are too difficult to digest, I keep screaming obscenities at my netbook’s screen and I’m not even exaggerating. For example;

      “They started it,” 19-year-old Omar Ali Raza said in Gojra’s marketplace.

      “We Muslims are the victims. We gathered to protest about what they did to the Koran in Korrian and just wanted to walk through their area, but they threw stones at us and fired shots.”

      “Of course it is bad that Christians died,” he added. “But they provoked the Muslims here. I don’t understand why everyone is on their side.”

      This is from the Gojra incident. ARRRGGHHH.

  2. safi says:

    dude..this teacher is such an asshole..hes precisely the reason muslims have a bad name.
    But see the point is..all Muslims with beards arent mullahs..nor all mullahs really hav to hav beards.
    So u got to separate the mullahs from the assholes.
    its actually the fucked up egos of men mixed with the even more fucked up brainwashed minds coz of the way they were brought up!
    its assholes like this..that bring Islam a bad me (i am not a religious scholar) if the religion has given more rights to has also made them responsible to do more..this responsibility bit is what these mo fo assholes tend to ignore!

    • Ghausia says:

      I totally agree with you. A lot of people assume I’m anti-religion and anti-Islam because I’m agnostic, but the thing is, I like Islam, I just like my heretical lifestyle more. However having grown up a Muslim and still believing in it, I take offense to such people as well. And in my experience most people that are this religious both in their speech, mannerisms, appearance etc. are always the hypocrites and the real good Muslims, they’re just quiet, don’t screw with you, don’t preach, but you know, you know from just talking to them that you’re talking to a true Muslim.

      Sadly enough, aise log BOHAT kam miltay hein. 😦

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