The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop! Err, I mean Blogging.

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Blogging, Uncategorized
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My history on the interwebs is murky and immensely geeky. If I wasn’t reading fanfiction, I was RPG-ing with fellow Lord of the Rings geeks online. But most of these crazes lasted for a short while, until I found blogs. Now it’s no secret that I talk a lot. A whole lot. (Funny story there, when mom scolded me as a child and told me to express myself briefly, I just started speaking really fast so I could talk a lot but not consume so much time. I’ve been compared to the Gilmores because of this habit.) Thus, due to my talkative nature, I embraced blogging. It was fun, I met some cool people, I don’t talk to any of them anymore, but they were good friends while it lasted, etc. And before anyone reading this rushes off to Google me… I deleted my old blogs a long time ago.

It wasn’t until last year that I got into the whole blogging scene again, and after a couple of blogs on ET, I decided to make my own blog, which I did. It’s fun because I don’t get censored here, and plus most stories just don’t belong on the website of a leading daily. But as with everything, blogs come with their cons as well.

The Frandshippers:

It wasn’t till I started blogging a lot that I attracted the maila crowd. An odd pattern is that most are from Islambad, which I later realized wasn’t a reflection on the people there, but rather, a result of a mistaken perception that I study there. Be that as it may, one particularly stubborn soul likes to spam me with four-six comments every time I blog; these range from ‘helo’ to ‘gumsum’ to random nonsense words.

Then there is my favorite; This Man. Do you know him? Is he your relative? Co-worker? Friend? Uncle? Well let me tell you something very interesting about him. He likes to troll the blogs of young 20-something girls, and ask them inappropriate questions. The fact that I refuse to state what it is that he said should give you an idea of how bad it was.

If it’s not frandshippers, its spam. I got one comment in what I think is Mandarin! I was fascinated, to be honest, and wondered if  I should translate, but decided against it, preferring my ignorant bliss. And a little FYI to the losers I’ve mentioned? I can trace your IPs you dumb fucks. I know where you live.

People That Don’t Like People That Are Meen To Other People:

I’ll be the first one to say I’m a cranky person. I get pissed off entirely too easily, and I speak too harshly. Don’t worry, papa constantly scolds me for being too critical, I’m a WIP. The amusing result of this is people charging over to my blog to squabble with me. Once, I didn’t get to approve of a new person’s comment for a whole day, as a result of which he started attacking me for censoring him, which resulted in an epic battle of words. Eventually, I realized such childish fighting was pointless and tried to make amends, telling the guy that he was welcome to drop by my blog any time, at which point he pretty much implied I was pathetic for being that desperate for readers. The good part is, we’ve talked on other blogs since then, so at least there are no hard feelings on either side.

Another time, someone decided to follow my blog to ask why I’m always calling people the mullah brigade. I think a lot of people would raise their hands if asked if they’ve done the same, but I guess I was the only one with a link to follow. I didn’t even coin the delightfully amusing phrase!

And my personal favorite, disgruntled bloggers. Once a writer actually emailed me to talk about my harsh comments on his blog, and then proceeds to tell me about what he discovered when he Googled me. I’ll let the fact that he has enough spare time to write to me slide, I mean, I have a ton of spare time on my hands so I’m not one to judge on that basis, but erm, Googling me? Really? Hold that thought, I need to go call the cops…

Search Terms, And Wondering What they Really Mean:

WordPress has an awesome feature where you can see exactly which search terms lead people to your blog. Most of the times, it’s just people Googling my name, or my blog’s name, or just something I’ve mentioned, like feminism, or a particular writer. A couple of times though, some gruesome results have shown up. One was “Indians look down on Pakistanis.” I still don’t understand how any search engine could lead to my blog on that basis, I’ve never said anything along those lines. I’m such a huge India fan, people mockingly refer to me as a RAW agent. Another time, someone came to my blog using the search term ‘bahu fuck’. You creepy-assed pervert you.

The Minute They Discover Your Gender, All Hell Breaks Loose:

This isn’t something I’ve experienced, but unluckily for some blogger friends I have, it’s a constant problem. A lot of girls that blog complain about stalker issues. This isn’t the same as spamming, like I mentioned, rather, its ex-boyfriends, obsessed schoolmates, pissed off spurned men, the list goes on and on. They frequently stalk blogs belonging to girls, leaving nasty comments, belittling them, trying to demean them in any way possible. Would this be a problem if the blogs belonged to guys? I hardly think so. In particular, I’ve seen Sana Saleem get harassed nonstop with Twitter accounts spamming her with rude comments that are too obscene to repeat. Mehreen Kasana was the victim of a horrid joke involving photoshopped pictures.

Blogging is fun. Its cathartic, its nice to be have a place where you don’t get censored because you moderate the content, it’s a form of activism in this day and age. There are books about blogging in fact, but it’s still the Internet and one has to tread carefully at times. Because somewhere out there, there is a creepy, desperate tharki using mummy’s laptop in the basement jerking off to your display picture.

  1. Okay, the last line is one of those things that one knows is possible, but still doesn’t want to listen to out loud like that.

    I want my mommy now 😦

    • Ghausia says:

      😀 Sorry. You know, maybe you didn’t notice but before, I had a really cute pic up as my gravatar thing. Whenever I get new clothes made for uni, I try to look more or less civilized cause I’m so pleased to have more clothes, and that pic was one of my favorite ones from those days. I kid you not, that one got waaayy too many hits. I changed it to a dorky one. No more hits on my gravatar. And judging by Mr. creepo whose FB I linked to, it does happen. I wanted my mommy too when I read his comments. Oh btw hey asshole, if you’re reading this, I fucking blocked you from commenting on my blogs you fucking chutia. For their sake, I hope you don’t have any daughters, considering how desperate you are for it, you wouldn’t spare even them.

      Also, new readers to my blog should not judge me by above comment. 😀 I’m not this bad, honest. The particular person I’m addressing however, was disgusting and out of line.

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