When my teacher said, “Didn’t you notice how in Harry Potter, all the people working in the bank were Jews?” there was an uneasy restlessness and disturbed looks exchanged within the class of fifteen. As one or two brave souls quietly corrected him saying they were goblins, my teacher pretended not to hear. Angered and emboldened, I repeated what they’d said loudly. My teacher smirked and asked me what goblins were. He didn’t know I was well-versed in mythology and faerie-tales, and talked a lot, and was thus quite capable of launching into a five minute lecture on goblins and their origins.

In my midterm, I got a 17 instead of the 22 I deserved.

Sour grapes, you might sneer. Serves you right for being a smart alec, you might scoff. I’m just making excuses, you might accuse. But I’ll easily show you my transcript, point out previous Cs and Ds, and shrug sheepishly and say I didn’t study hard enough. Because in certain courses, I am a slacker. Hell, I don’t even know how I got a D in microeconomics because it should have been an F. But I was good in that particular course. I worked hard. I knew my study material. I knew more about the course than my ineffectual teacher did, in fact, everyone in that class knew more than he did. All he knew were conspiracy theories that he learned from forwarded emails, theories I never shied from challenging him over, because if I keep quiet in the face of his bigotry, what right do I have to call myself a journalism student?

Be that as it may, my final grade ended up a C.

The three As I got kept my GPA strong, but that isn’t what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that this man was allowed within any kind of educational institute. He boasted of teaching in Szabist and Iqra, and that was the most baffling part; he taught quite a lot of classes. Why was this man allowed to sow his seeds of hate and discrimination within our students? It wasn’t just that he was anti-Jew. I could fill pages and pages with the awful things he said, from HAARP conspiracies, to blaming Shias for many problems, to inaccurately blaming Iranis for the 1979 siege of Mecca, which just shows how inaccurate and non-factual his information was. (To my knowledge, the 1987 riots were the ones caused by Iranis, and 1979 siege carried out by Wahabis claiming to be the Mehdi.) And every single time, I was the only one stupid enough to call him out on it. I knew very well I would probably flunk, but I’ve suffered from a fatal disease of not knowing when to shut the bleep up since I was four, so I can’t be totally blamed. We complained of his unprofessional behavior and hate speech several times, but all we got was a promise to not be given any other courses with him. All our attempts to have him removed failed. And so, we suffered through the semester, closing our ears to his hate-filled diatribes. Eventually, even I settled for just growling at his propaganda because there is nothing I could say, when faced with what to my perception was jahalat .Of course, the damage was done; I suppose when he mocked me saying, “I pity the poor sucker that will end up marrying you” and my instant retort of “I don’t believe in the concept of marriage” in the beginning of the course, the ‘awara’ impression I made probably laid the foundation of my C in the finals.

The fact of the matter is, shortage of teachers means anyone that can sign their name is allowed to teach within our schools. The advantage my class had was that we were a group of twenty-somethings, we were more or less intelligent and can think for ourselves. But what about the teachers within schools? What about my eight-grade teacher that ranted about the evil Jew that stole her best friend’s job by working harder than him? What about the sixth grade Islamiat teacher that told us Shias were non-Muslims? What about the tutor that told me I was a disgrace to Islam and would go to hell because I didn’t pray? What about all the hate-mongers out there that are poisoning the minds of Pakistan’s children, teaching them to hate anyone and everyone different?

What about them indeed? Well. Suicide bombers and future Qadris have to be crafted in places other than madrassas don’t they?

A sweeping generalization, critics might exclaim. But it’s true. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s still happening today, whether we like it or not. Comments on this piece will demand solutions, but I don’t have any. Let’s face it, revolutions in our education system aren’t happening anytime soon. The government is far too busy to care about lack of training facilities for teachers. No one gives a rat’s rear about the outdated curriculum. All we can do is share our experiences, like I am, and do what we can on our own; stupidly risk a bad grade like me for the sake of calling out bigots, ask our children about their school activities so that we know if any of their teachers are carrying out hate propaganda, make sure that the educational institutes take action against such hate-mongers. Beyond these actions, I’m honestly at a loss.

  1. mariam says:

    Whats more frustrating is when your circle of friends are staunch followers of zionist hamid lol ….i had a teacher in school according to who the female models on pakistani billboards was a conspiracy of israel against pakistani youth…i was like so keep drooling when you look at one anyway …the blame is going on the jews

    • Ghausia says:

      omg that is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever heard lol. I do like your logic though, honest God it wasn’t my fault the evil Zionists made me do it! 😀

  2. Amna K says:

    Wow. I haven’t really had any such teachers so far actually. Not in school, probably because it was a missionary school lead by nuns and fathers and not even in college too. I guess it’s because I studied Science throughout and religion/castes/races/etc had nothing to do with it.

    I think it’s good that you speak up. If it doesn’t affect the teacher in any way other than choosing which pupil to award a low grade, who knows you’re giving some food for thought for the more or less intelligent students who are listening to him and might be getting influenced by him.

    • Ghausia says:

      The guy was a bigger douche cause according to him, a student’s image in class decided his grade, so therefore the fact that I knew more about the topic than he had taught us didn’t do anything for me. I toyed with writing his name here, but I think I would like to graduate first. 😛 He’s visiting faculty and he taught us a social sciences course, and our course requirements for that are ending this semester so we can’t get him again. Still I figured, lets wait for a while.

      The class in general was pretty disgusted by him. One boy called him Baba as in Baba Fooka. 😀 You’re lucky never to come across such bigotry in teachers, it doesn’t matter if they’re teaching religion or not, this particular shining example was teaching international development after all.

      Sad part is, my social sceinces department, we’ve had some really good teachers. Due to lack of attention and funding from the higherups, we struggle a lot but ultimately, we’ve had more or less good experiences. This was a bad one though. Bastard.

  3. Amna says:

    He actually said that to you? That smug son of a bitch! GAH!!!!!!! Wow that pisses me off to no end. WHY IN THE MUCK is he even imagining what kind of person you’ll marry? EW PERV.

    • Ghausia says:

      Yep we were discussing a TV show we’d watched for a class, a political talk show rather, he was eacesdropping and interrupted and asked if I support any parties and I said no sir, its against my journalistic responsibilities to do so, then I don’t know what it was I said, but he chuckles and goes, ‘pata nahe kaun bechara hai jis se tumhari shadi hogi’. I got pissed, so I said sir, I don’t believe in the concept of marriage, and he gave this assholish smile and looks down and goes, no comment beta and BAM I get a C. You know, fuck this shit. His name is Nawaz Ahmed. He studied at Szabist, and has taught there too. There, now if the fucker is googling himself, he can jack off at this.

  4. UncleTom says:

    you know qardi wasn’t from any madarasa, he was a common police officer just happen to but an emotional religious person ,, if Mudarasas were producing qardis killer of salman taseer would have been a mudarasa graduate ,,,,

    • Ghausia says:

      Madrassas are the root cause of extremism in our society. The mullahs and madrassas produce extremists like Qadri. One doesn’t need to study in a madrassa to be influenced by these extremists.

      • UncleTom says:

        i have friends who study in Madarasa, its just like a university and religious and religion related subjects are taught , nothing else ,,, i don’t know on what basis you are alleging them for being extremist … have you ever been to a madarasa, or do you know of someone who studies in one???

        • Ghausia says:

          Good for your friends then.How about you unite with them to start a jihad to convert me to the path of piety and righteousness and eradicate my contempt of madrassahs and fundos?

      • Ghausia says:

        Piss off freak. I don’t want anything to do with madrassa-loving fundos like you. Seriously, I mean it. Fuck off.

  5. UncleTom says:

    happen to be >> type

  6. Sara says:

    the 1979 seize was not carried out by wahabi militants but by some other random group who believed this guy named Muhammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani to be the mehdi

  7. Sara says:

    btw, i like your blog, keep it up:)
    the whole losing grades because you cant keep your mouth shut has happened to me a few times too:)

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