My life, in pictures.

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I’m not a photographer, not by a long shot, all these pics were taken from my cellphone’s camera, but they’re random pics I take of things that amuse me. So I’m putting them here in case someone else finds them amusing too. πŸ˜€

Siiigh. I was with my mom at EBH in Park Towers, helping her find marginally attractive Dr. Moe shows, when I spotted these. Now I’m not a pink kind of person, I have a pair of red shoes, one purple, one blue, one dark blue, one white, a lot of black, a couple of painful peeptoes, my old platforms from 2001 when they were in, but pink, not in my shoe closet at least. I saw this and fell in love. We’d been at Bata previously where I’d begged mom to let me buy a pair of Marie Claire sandals, which btw, if anyone wants to buy, let me know cause I need money to buy a new netbook. πŸ˜› Anyway despite the Marie Claire sandals, which are adorable btw, mom agreed to let me buy these cause they were pretty cheap. Sadly, they were out of stock. Sob. To add insult to injury, first day of my current semester at uni, I spotted a girl wearing the exact same shoes, in my size, TWICE.

I cried.

See, I liked my old non-stick pan. I don’t like mom’s wok, and always used that one. It was perfect for all my needs. But the handle was loose and mom was worried I might burn myself, so she got me this one. I thought I should take a picture to commemorate the occasion. I’m making thai noodles btw. This is just the minced meat for it. πŸ˜€

This is the finished product. You can see my nonstick spoon. I mention it because my sister got it for me from Ikea a couple of years ago, and I don’t have a lot of fancy stuff, and yes, I realize a spoon isn’t the same as a branded bag, but its equally important to me. Anyway, I love my nonstick spoon. Its currently residing in the corner of the stove, where it fell a few days ago. I was too chicken to tell mom cause she’d yell at me since the stove has to be moved all the way out to get the spoon. Also, these noodles are amazing. My friends actually gave me money to get all of the condiments I use to make these when I went grocery-shopping.

I was on my way to or from uni, I forget which when I saw this. Imagine what must be inside. Forget a bank, I’d rather rob this! *sighs dreamily*

A postcard I got from the souvenir stand at the newly reopened Frere Hall.

Yes, I did buy it because it said The Three Cocks.

The maid needs shoes, mom insisted. So we went to the shoe section at Sunday Bazar, where I found this. Yes, those are balloons strapped to the sandal.Β  No, I didn’t buy them. Ick.

Look at this, my brother said. Its just sad when Playstations are being sold at Sunday Bazar. Everyone torrents games now.Β  Thinking of how difficult the boss battle with Rex in Metal Gear Solid was, I agreed.

I was spending the night at my sister’s, as is my wont whenever I don’t have 8am classes, when she begged me to try this thai soup her aunt got from somewhere and gave to her. So once it was defrosted, we drank it, and I pointed out we needed crackers. There were none, except for the round ones kids stick on their fingers. Lets make those! I exclaimed. So we did. This is what my soup looked like.

Yeah, my life’s boring, I know. πŸ˜€ But its these little things that make it eventful for me, I donno whether that’s pathetic or not. πŸ˜€

  1. Amna K says:

    The balloon chappals are artistic man. No kidding. And the soup doesn’t look yummy. Was it really thai? And was it nice?

    • Ghausia says:

      I know, they’re pretty innovative right? Heh, the soup was yummy it just looks gross cause of the crackers. It was this thai soup with fried rice and chicken. Slurp.

  2. Amna K says:

    Yup, I’m pretty much impressed by the creativity!

    I actually love Thai food. But not more than Chinese, ofcourse. And I can’t make a single thai dish. But I’m planning to learn as soon as life decides to not be this super duper hectic :/

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