Why Pakistan shouldn’t ban Facebook(again)

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Social Media
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After a spectacularly bad day, I found out that apparently, some morons are considering banning Facebook because they are too illiterate to realize that banning FB/giving attention to trolls is letting them win. Therefore, I have decided to post a plea on my blog urging them not to do so. Here is why.

1) My petlings in Pet Society, a Playfish game on FB will run away if not fed for two days. They are my darlings. Cruelty to animals is haraam in Islam.

2) My restaurant in Restaurant City, another Playfish game will lose business due to my inability to open it. I will no longer have a livelihood. It is wrong in Islam to deny someone their lawful livelihood.

3) Without FB I can’t stalk people. Then I won’t know who’s single or not. Denying me my right of checking to see if boys I like are single is also haraam.

4) If FB gets banned, I will go insane and kill people in a murderous rampage. Anyone involved in banning FB will therefore be guilty of aiding and abetting me in my crime.

5) If FB gets banned, I will die.

There. That’s all I can manage for now, seeing as I’m positively heartbroken. I need to go cut myself now.


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