Every single person throughout the world has a nationality. We all come from somewhere other than the womb, after all. Some are African, some are American, Some are Mexican, some are Lithuanian, some are Greek, some are Portuguese. And some are Pakistani.

But the different between Pakistanis and all the other nationalities is this; for citizens of countries throughout the world, their nationality exista all 365 days of the year. Pakistanis on the other hand, exist only in August. The rest of the year, we’re the same scum, the same cockroaches that the world knows and loves.

For eleven months of the year, we steal electricity, we beat our servants,we rape women and children, we burn our daughter-in-laws for more dowry, we murder people based on their religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, or sexuality. Hell, we even have no qualms about menacingly brandishing rocks and sturdy sticks at a young woman and a child still in his school uniform. In short; we’re absolute assholes.

Come August however, we’re fucking saints. We’re all about the country. We love our fellowmen. We organize events for setting a world record for the most people singing the national anthem. We suddenly respect the flag and want to save it from being dishonoured, for which purpose we organize flag recollection drives.

And then, the minute August ends, its over. We take off the flags on our roofs and fold it up, putting it away for next year. We pack up our pennants, forgetting about them till the next time we need to decorate the garden with them. We forget, in essence, that we are Pakistani.

What about the rest of the year, I ask you? Where is the respect for the flag when our minorities face countless discriminations, many supported by our own constitution? Where is the love for our fellowmen when we jeer at rape victims because they go to 2 am parties and live with a partner? Where is our nationality, where is our pride, where is our self-respect when a female curator is beaten for wearing a sleeveless dress? When we think its perfectly acceptable to enforce our beliefs on others? When we mock and abuse someone if they don’t fast during the so-called holy month?

And therefore, what, I ask you, is the point of 14th August? What is the point of all the celebrations? What is the point of hanging up that poor, assraped flag up on my roof? What is the point, when all I can remember is Bangladesh, when all I can think of is all the nameless, faceless Asia Bibis out there, when all I can hope is that no one attacks my sister when she goes out in public wearing a sleeveless dress, when all I can do is mindlessly shoot off texts to people asking if they’re safe because someone’s been shot in so-and-so area?

Fuck this shit. I will not be a part of your hypocrisy.

If anyone needs me on the 14th, I’ll be watching Bones and eating cupcakes.

  1. Dark Knight says:

    I cannot put into words how in sync this blog post is with how I feel. In fact, during the course of a ten minute drive in Islamabad, on August 14th, all I saw were ridiculous men sticking their heads out of cars, some of them were visibly affluent, others were not, some of them were flying flags with the nuclear bomb on them, but all of them were illustrating a disgusting and perverted brand of machismo that has become emblematic of Pakistani nationalism. I certainly will neither indulge, nor support those who choose to indulge in such juvenile behavior.

    On the whole this is a great blog, I am sure to visit it more often.

  2. Zain says:

    You know its people like you who are all talk and no walk. You do not do anything for the country and when people try to do something, even if its singing the National Anthem you have a problem with that.
    Its not the mentality of the people, its your sick mind thats been polluted with things like, ” no matter what i do, no one will appreciate me” “I suck at life and i should die. No wait lets take my anger out on other people, lets blog to feel better”

    • Ghausia says:

      I know I suck if only I had sung the national anthem during National Hypocrisy Month, I could’ve been a part of solving poverty, child abuse, drug addiction, corruption, lack of safe drinking water… Oh wait.

  3. Zain says:

    that is not what i am trying to say. My point is you take no action other than talking about things. Writing about problems doesnt solve shit, do you understand? Had that been the case then you the people being kidnapped and killed would not have started in the first place.

    • Ghausia says:

      Riiiight. That’s why you don’t read either, because the written word is useless. But of course THAT isn’t why you’re an illiterate troll.

  4. Zain says:

    Go on write till your fingers fall off, talk all you want, things will get worse till someone takes a stand.
    OMG someone died.
    Tatatatararainnn super ghassia to the resue.
    Lets write a blog!
    w00t the worlds a better place now!
    Once again the day has been saved thanks to ghassia!

  5. Zain says:

    ghASSia is losing her temper. She is angry. She is fat and angry. what are you going to do fat little girl? sit on me?

    • Ghausia says:

      Hah, I’m just amused little troll. Being fat is awesome btw. PS: I could be thin and still have you whimpering for mummy within seconds.

    • Ghausia says:

      Same troll that was rampaging through my last blog. Methinks the blog went viral at Baqai, and the mentalcases there don’t care for the opinions of feminist, strong-minded, foul-mouthed, opinionated heretics. 😀

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