Partying- the right of the privileged.

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Elitism, Privilege, Scattered Opinions
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As I type these words, the sound of music thuds dully against the walls of my room. Music that has been playing since 11 pm from the house next door.

It is now, by the by, 03:30 am.

Earlier today, my mother apparently got a phonecall from the neighbours. They were kind enough to inform her that they would be having a party in the evening, and could we please excuse them for any distress caused by music? Unfortunately, my mother has none of my rage, and the manners she possesses, I chose to discard a long time ago; what else could she do, but be gracious?

About twenty minutes ago, I went upstairs to peek out the window and see exactly what’s going on. Its hardly a mehndi party, as was implied; more of a concert. Heck, it is a concert, proper band, instruments, etc. The chairs were mostly empty; I glimpsed a row of people, mostly girls I think, sitting on the floor in front of the stage. A man went by, you know the sort that your father points to at weddings and derisively speaks of his boozing tendencies? That sort. Lecherous looking fella, the sort I wouldn’t shake hands with. He seemed quite lost in the music as he danced his way through the rows of chairs, the flabby flesh on his neck visibly jiggling even from a distance. In the back row, I could glimpse a guy and two girls, the back of their heads rather; The guy bopped his neck once or twice, and the two girls leaned close, their arms up in the air as they danced. I caught a flash of silver on one hand, and counted the rings; one, two, three. Immaculately dressed, makeup looking as it were done by a professional, a couple of other girls wandered by, giggling and dancing as well.

Let me add here, that I have a horrendous cold, the sort that makes you bend over double from the force of the coughing, the kind where you feel your chest seize up from all the fluid gathering in your lungs. Despite that, I’m awake, desperately working on a uni project, fighting back flu med-induced sleep. My father will wake up at 07:30 am tomorrow, have his breakfast, check the news, get dressed, and head off to work, as will my brother. My mother will be awake at 06:30 am; I genuinely don’t know what she does at that hour, but it is not in her to rise late- both my parents are of the old generation, so to speak, in their ways.

The reason I am sharing all this is thus; our neighbours do not care. They simply do not care that our sleep might be disturbed. They do not care that we have to go to work or uni tomorrow. They certainly don’t care about my poor tiny cat, who jumped an entire foot as yet another obnoxious song started playing. They do not care that they are disturbing the peace, disturbing our sleep, our daily routine, hell our peace of mind because frankly, this is torture for me. All our neighbours care about is showing their guests a good time, having fun at their party, dancing the night away merrily, and enjoying themselves while the entire neighborhood suffers. This is by no means a critique on naach gana (song and dance) as more conservative people would say; anyone who’s read my previous blogs would know I’m definitely not the sort to be as small-minded as that. I do however, judge people based on selfishness, on self-absorption, on their careless disregard of others.

Oh well. I live in DHA. What’s there to be surprised about?


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