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Self-proclaimed badass feminist who used to be a writer once upon a time.

  1. zemmoz says:

    oki…so u were talking bout boobs on tribune 😛

    • Ghausia says:

      I like you already. 😀 It wasn’t me someone else wrote it and I was like, come on people I say Mathira was wearing a bra only on air and that gets censored out but you write about boobs issues, seriously?! So they changed it to something more suitable. 😀

  2. Humayun says:

    Found interesting 🙂 Probably because you are a media-cum-journalism student like me

  3. eva626 says:

    talking a lot on the web is fine with me! (although i cant stand people blabbering in your face) lol…great blog!!!

  4. Raheela danish says:

    hello.i was just reading some comments on ET facebook page and came across your comment.really liked it and loved your about me on facebook.it is good to know that there are others who share my views:-) looking fwd to see you as an anchor someday very soon 🙂

    • Ghausia says:

      lol thank you, glad you liked my corner of cyberspace. And I’m into print journalism, not broadcast, so look for my byline in newspapers in a few years. 😀

  5. Salman Shah says:

    Well just like Raheela, I too have landed here following you from ET Facebook page. I have read you somewhere may be on ET I guess. You have a gift, you know. Just keep ’em coming..

    And yeah..really interesting FB profile. 🙂

    • Ghausia says:

      You know its really creepy to have people tell me that. I mean, yes I know people visit my FB, I do it too, but hearing about it sounds so stalkerish. 😀 Ohhh you’re the one who liked my Poonam comment! Hi. 😀

  6. Salman Shah says:

    Lollxx..I just cdnt resist that smiling dp. So I very much fall into that ‘cyber stalking’ league. 🙂

    • Ghausia says:

      Oh honey, there’s just no way to make that sound non-creepy. Also, I think my dp was a drawing of an elephant with my name written on it when you saw me on FB. 😛

  7. Shaheera Jalil Albasit says:

    So Ghausia,i stalked you down from that Students’ Week something post of yours.And what interests me is the ‘revolutionist’ factor i see because that certainly is not what comes around pretty often.
    I have a question.Tell me do you think all this screaming is actually going to land a difference on earth;i mean i am soo not inviting controversy here but i really do want to know if you can think of an alternative.

    • Ghausia says:

      🙂 I never realized how famous that movie mania post would make me lol. I believe that if you have the patience and understanding to keep talking long enough, eventually people will listen and heed your words, and help you be the change. Thus, your answer. There’s no alternative solution, a change doesn’t come in a few months or a year, it takes years of patience and hard work, you need to teach people and I don’t mean in schools, but through your words and actions, and gradually people will start to see that there’s something wrong, and try to fix it.

  8. I would never say i want to slap an author because of a blog he wrote that had nothing to do with me. Thanks for the tweet and the importance.

    • Ghausia says:

      Why don’t you go cry to mummy about how someone was meen to you? Better yet; BLOG ABOUT IT!

    • Ghausia says:

      PS: So you cyber-stalked me across twitter and my blog. Thanks for the importance. 😛 You know, I actually have nothing personal against you, but your blog. In fact, I’d probably like you if I knew you. The blog was too ridiculous though. 😛

  9. I was just going over the real time tweets about the blog and didn’t like how you posted it. Its your twitter and how you felt so i apologize for reacting. You didn’t like my blog, and you are a potential writer so i’ll try to find something constructive from your words. But from what i can tell we’re both almost the same age and education, but you treat me as a child..

    • Ghausia says:

      Since you conveniently linked to your FB here, you’re a year younger than me biologically, but mentally, pretty immature. I can’t judge your lifestyle automatically, but from the way we talk, I get the feeling you’re yet another rich priveleged brat studying at schools like KGS, Froebels, LGS, etc. who don’t know zilch, the Torus that talk about inqilab thinking that the cops will say, Aye sirjee, aye, just like daddy’s guards at his big office do instead of doing what their employers i.e. the government tell them to do, which is to take care of protests and inqilabs to avoid unrest/uprisings. Your rant on your blog btw, made you look even more like a brat. “This is a BLOG dear” followed by referring to the same blog as an article, the petty insinuations of how I should study Eng Lit. FYI, a) studying Eng Lit wouldn’t give you knowledge of how to speak the language corectly, a proper barb would be to tell someone to take a Berlitz class, b) I was an Eng Lit student until I decided that an MA wasn’t going to help in changing the world, and c) before you start hurling accusations, you might think of whether you know the person or not, because then you’d have known that I’m a journalism student, and know a lot more about the differences b/w blogs and articles than you. Thus, I’m going to refer to you as a child, since you insist on acting like one.

      • I’m a froebelian, but like a lot of froebelians i’m not rich. By parents are both hard-working self made people. The only reason i’m in college in America is because of grants, not family fortune.

        I don’t think you paid attention in whatever class you too, but a blog is a type of an article, as are most publications. You could look it up if you don’t have faith in a brat like me.

        I have always ALWAYS been open to criticism but i don’t understand why you are so over the top. Could you just comment and not try to insult people? You might be surprised to know in parts of Islamabad you’re known as the scary coffee lady because everyone has read your comments on the Express Tribune and we’re actually scared of you. To make it worse, as a potential journalist you post you want to slap me, you want cartoons made of me, you enjoy insulting me? I disagreed with many of your blogs, but i try to see the good in them and i do. I’m not going to brag about my English courses, or SATs or ACTs, but there is a way to get your point across without attacking the writer. Someone will always disagree with your point of view.

        I thought perhaps i could make well here by trying to talk to you, but you’re clearly not going to treat me as an equal and think i’m a piece of junk. Have fun publicly mocking me, calling me names and viewing yourself superior to all the urban youth to which to are a part of. I would just like to let you know that if you still don’t get it that blog was the defense of a “burger-baby” in my opinion on how one would respond. By using us, i was taking character, even though many may argue that i am part of that group anyway.

        I hope you make a great journalist, and do change the world. But in my opinion the way you interact with others is regrettable. It is fine if you disagree. You can judge me all you want, what you think won’t make a difference. I think it is more immature to tweet the way you have, but im sure you can defend that too. If this side of you was brought on by my blog somehow, then i am sorry if i hurt you.

  10. Its not entirely a negative label. Perhaps like the Asma Sherazi of the internet. People tend to think twice about their comments and write ups, fearing a deadly reply. A lot people read a blog and then look for your comment right after to see what you have to say.. There’s people for, and against.

    • Ghausia says:

      😀 You know what? I’m a pretty mellow person in real life. You have no reason to believe it, but I’m the hyperactive, talkative person that somehow always manages to make the day eventful with stupid antics. And I mean really stupid antics. I just judge blogs a lot harsher than I would judge anything else, and bad writing pisses me off. So as creepy as your twitter stalking is, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. Also, I am resisting the urge to make a couple more snarky remarks just because you’re so polite. Be that as it may, I still think your blog is silly, immature, and overly emotional. You would have gotten a much better response from me if, like I said, you’d have talked about the achievements you listed to me rather than listing your educational credits. Look lets face it, at the end of the day, no one gives a shit about what you know or where you studied if you’re not doing something. You apparently, have done something. Why not discuss that, instead of how great you are? I mean, would I blog on a comparison of Keats and Browning and go on and on about the grades I got or which teacher complimented me in which way and what happened in sixth grade english class? Obviously not. See what I mean?

      • Look that is a completely fair point. If exactly this would have been a comment on the blog i would have greeted it. I could have written a blog about what the youth has done and why it is ‘better’ or however you would like it be phrased. But i did not want that. Firstly because it would be too long a blog, and when i argue i do it very professionally. That is why i made a point to say that this has to be settled in a debate.

        I’ll be honest with you, firstly i did include a lot of achievements and reasons. I also felt that just writing about schooling and intuition of the sciences would leave a dry argument. But they would not accept the blog for its length and asked to focus on ONE of the issues. So i chose the one you see.

        If you think the blog is silly and emotional, that is your entitled opinion, and i am more than glad you share it. The only reason i have learned to write better is because of criticism. I do still disagree with that and your point at the end, but thats what makes everything better in the end.

        • Ghausia says:

          Oddly enough you’re a halfway decent writer, you just don’t write about the right thing. I mean, it seriously pissed me off, I try to remember that no, not every KGS/American uni/Froebels student is a rich little brat, many come from middleclass families like mine, but the blog was just oozing with the rich kid syndrome, the “our lifestyle” “Our preferences” “Our hairgel” talk. Maybe it could’ve been better, but for me, it was just another rich kid and his typical upper-clas mentality.

          Also, you should tell your friends to beware during the winter. I consume 3, maybe 4 very large mugs of coffee per day. I’m either very cranky, or very bouncy. 😀

  11. Once again my blogs cannot please everyone, and not everyone is going to think i’m a writer of whatever standard they prefer. I would usually respond with resentment to once again what i thought wasn’t the nicest post, but i feel its more personality than hatred and anger, so im not going to bother. I appreciate the feedback, and yes you very much do have a point.

    And lol, i’m glad the sun is out and the seasons have changed in that case. A lot of people might not approve of the way you destroy people on the Tribune, but i think its in a way going to make you a good journalist.

    • Ghausia says:

      lol look, just because you’ve been polite, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The best way to make me be nice? Offer me cupcakes. I’m not kidding. I’m obsessed with cupcakes. I want to eat them all the time. I risk going broke for the sake of one cupcake fix. Give me cupcakes, and we’re friends for life.

      On a serious note, I am aware that people tend to hate me on ET. I’m cool with it. Who cares what people in cyberspace think anyway. 🙂 Hell, a lot of times, I purposely write ranty comments just so I can sit back and watch people crap themselves in righteous indignation. Try it sometimes. Pissing people off is fun. I mean, seriously, the words of a short dumpy chick gets to them this easily? talk about high-maintenance. 😀

  12. lol true story. In general if you look at huge online forums, youtube video comments for example, people can always be seen arguing and fighting. Its just what they do, all they need is a push.

    And well, if i make a trip to Karachi, i’ll put that down as a thing to do.

  13. Whatever i can do lol.

  14. Maria D says:

    I loved your Express Tribune blogs! Also, I love your wit and writing style. Get to learn a lot too. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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