Other writings

Yes, I do write elsewhere on the interwebs. That’s partially why I don’t blog as much anymore, because I’m writing elsewhere. This is a list of what I’m up to most of the time, despite the fact that this blog is virtually dead. ūüėÄ

Wearing the Pants in Publishing

An interview with Ameena Saiyid.

I Don’t Care For Your Faerietales

Empowering the damsel in distress.

How Cinderella Defeated Feminism

Of evil corporations that tell our daughters that men don’t need consent to kiss us in our sleep.

How Fairietales Stole Female Sexuality

On how powerful women in faerietales became virginal damsels in distress.

The Rise of Pakistan’s First Comic Book Giants

Of Kachee Goliyan, Pakistan’s first comic book company.

Creating Spaces

International Women’s Day article on the importance of women-friendly spaces.

Bangkok: Family Vacations in the Sex Capital.

Of amusingly terrifying vacations with family.

Child Marriage Restraint Act: Is Three Years in Prison Enough?

On the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act, and other children-related legislation.

Who’s the Control Freak in Cyber Space?

Of internet surveillance and censorship.

¬†Pale Realities: Pakistan’s Obsession with Fairness Creams

Of Zubeida Tariq’s controversial whitening soap, a history of white obsession, and post-colonial legacies.

Top Seven Ways to Deal With Trolls

On internet trolls, and how to deal with them rather than censoring the internet.

An Interview with Hira A

I once met Hira A, and told her her writing brought me to tears the way Kishwar Naheed’s poetry does.

Digital Fortress: From China to Pakistan

On internet censorship, and the risk of following the wrong examples.

Bangkok: Family Vacations in the Sex Capital

Navigating seedy cities on a family vacation.

Throttled By Honour:

Farzana Parveen was murdered in cold blood in public. If her death isn’t a sign that the patriarchy must die, then nothing is.

It’s Your Fault: A Pakistani Guide To Rape Culture Part 1 and Part 2

So you know what rape culture is, but how does it apply to Pakistan?

Whither Privacy: Unkept Promises of Social Media Apps

How secure are social media apps? Spoiler Alert: Not at all.

Skulking Around the Dark Side of Fandom

Everything I know about life, I learned in fandom.

A Guide to Gender-Neutral Writing:

Gender-neutral writing is fairly important because language plays a large role in shaping us.

Book Review: Karachi, You’re Killing Me!

This book has a cat. Of course I’ll like it!

Malala or: Learn to Stop Worrying and Love our Laureate

In which I explain¬† the different anti-Malala camps, and why they’re utterly moronic.

Why ‚ÄúRape-Prevention‚ÄĚ Gimmicks Contribute To Rape Culture

Nail polish will not stop rape. Telling men not to rape will stop rape.

Recording Rape

Women are violated, harassed, abused online, but does anyone care at all?

Remembering A Woman I Didn’t Know, Fighting A War I Don’t Believe In

Sabeen is dead. Sabeen is dead. It can’t be real. Sabeen is dead.

The End of Freedom?

The government’s proposed cybercrime bill seems designed to muzzle dissent and curb free speech as we know it.

Sexist Attitudes Against Women:

Understanding everyday sexism in Pakistan, and why it matters.

Privacy, No More?

Facebook and other internet applications are encroaching upon private lives. Is there a way out?

License To Harass

Social media has made it easier to prey on women. Here’s how much of a problem this is.


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